Brit Beauties Battle


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Roxi

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Run Time: 23 mins
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This one needs little explanation except to say that two of the UK’s best grapplers hit the EuroBelles mat in exciting new action!

Bikini-clad Pippa is of course one of Britain’s finest wrestlers and blue lamé-garbed Roxi is one of England’s most impressive young stars. These two have an intense history between them from a series of pro ring wars but this time they’re challenging one another by amateur rules.

Muscles tendons and nerves are repeated tortured in this multi-fall contest and both women use their phenomenally powerful legs as lethal weapons again and again and again!

And impressively in spite of the long-held seething animosity they share the two women earn a grudging regard for one another as the battle rages on; before the final fall they even shake hands in a show of hard-earned respect.

If you love Pippa love Roxi or just love outstanding grappling you’ll want to add this one to your collection.

Trust us after watching it you’ll love all three as never before!