European Eruption


Viktoria vs. Zsuzsa

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Run Time: 16 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 244
Video Quality: 480p


Eastern European beauties Viktoria and Zsuzsa travel to the UK in order to face one another on our mats and the result is a tremendously physical multi-fall contest!

The European style of submission grappling uses the entire body itself almost as a veritable weapon and that’s fully on display here. Both wrestlers are quickly driven to the brink of exhaustion as they struggle to overcome the other. Each possesses uncannily powerful legs so both frequently find themselves tortured in scissor holds!

After an astounding back-and-forth match it comes down to one wrestler literally choking the life from her rival in order to gain the all-important final match winning fall.

Terrific amateur action from two of Europe’s best just for your enjoyment!