Laken: Fire is Hot


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Laken

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Run Time: 18 mins
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Laken and Pippa first wrestled one another in 2018 in a match that fans still talk about. Now five years later they two meet again in the ring and the action is even wilder this time!

This is an incredibly physical contest as both wrestlers seek to overpower one another throughout. Everything from arm and leg holds to School Girl Pins are used by both Pippa and Laken to try and wear the other down. In particular the head scissors is employed repeatedly as both women use their powerful thighs to punish one another.

Finally one weary battler is trapped in an agonizing hold and is forced to scream her submission. She then must endure her victorious opponent’s taunts the loser seething with anger and humiliation.

This is another tremendous Southern Belles match that you won’t want to miss!