Northern Agression


Tyler Dare vs. Mutiny

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Run Time: 26 mins
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After their awe-inspiring first match several months ago you knew it was only a matter of time before Mutiny would come down from Quebec to North Carolina to challenge Tyler to a rematch. But if Mutiny lost on her own home turf will she have any better luck south of the Mason-Dixon Line?

This is a 3 fall match held in a pro ring along with a referee and both women employ many pro-style submission holds. The action is heated and furious as they battle it out with one wrestler taking the first fall with her opponent evening up the score in the second. And that final round is nothing short of astonishing as they wage war upon one another. It only comes to an end when one warrior traps her rival in a crippling hold and the victim finally gasps… in a tone that suggests she can’t believe she’s admitting defeat… “I think… I have to give up!”

And the intensity between the blonde and the redhead grows fiercer by the minute as personal animosity professional jealousy and the all-consuming need for victory seizes them both!

Two of the most beautiful skilled and enticing women in all of amateur wrestling give their all just for the Southern Belles fans so don’t you DARE miss this one!