Stronger And Meaner


Zsuzsa vs. Aisa

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Run Time: 15 mins
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In the Southern Belles talent and skill aren’t always enough. When you are facing an opponent who matches you in both you need an extra edge. You need to be stronger and you most definitely need to be meaner!

As the two battlers take the mat Aisa starts flexing and posing displaying her remarkably fit body and adds plenty of verbal insults. This seems to get into the normally calm and collected Zsuzsa’s head
and she quickly falls prey to her opponent and is made to tap out the first fall. But Zsuzsa hasn’t become a legend of amateur grappling in Europe by not knowing how to rally and she quickly evens the score by taking the next fall.

With each grappler having notched a win over the other the remaining match is an amazing struggle between the two rivals each determined to drive the other to defeat. There is some serious dislike between these two and each revels in applying the most painful holds possible on one another.

At long last with both Aisa and Zsuzsa pushed to the very limits of their endurance one beauty finds that even her
pride can no longer endure the punishment and she submits the match.

But even in defeat this fierce warrior demands a rematch and swears she will win next time!