A New Threat


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Lina

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Run Time: 21 mins
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It’s no secret that Pippa has been a dominant force in our Euro-Belles division so much so that she really couldn’t be faulted for believing there wasn’t anyone who could give her a truly serious challenge.
That all changed when she squared off against a newcomer to the Belles: blonde battler Lina!

Originally hailing from Sweden and now calling London home Lina brings a regional rivalry to this bout as Pippa fights for the honor of her native Midlands against the “invasion” of this Southerner!

Both ladies look magnificent in their one-piece outfits; Pippa opting for maroon and black whilst Lina goes for a red ‘Baywatch’ style suit. It is clear from the opening bell that Lina has not just come along for a casual workout; attacking the Manchester beauty immediately!

“Southern softies that’s your problem!” exclaims Pippa after breaking free of Lina’s initial offensive hold.

Superb camera angles shot between the ropes offer great insights into some of the holds employed by both grapplers… you almost feel as if you are in the ring with them watching the contest unfold (if only)!

Both ladies provide witty banter and exchange wild taunts throughout in this highly competitive bout. Each hold is successfully counteracted with clever use of the gorgeous legs on display with scissorholds being used to their full advantage.

Pippa soon gets into her stride using her superior knowledge of holds to great effect. “I’ll break those shoulder blades I’m telling you!” Pippa threatens and not without good reason. Lina’s impressive resistance is a joy to watch and she even has a few tricks of her own.

The girls continue to try to gain the upper hand but with strategic use of the ropes at times by both ladies each manages to thwart the deciding hold time and again.

The match runs a full 20 minutes with no let-up in the action. When the final submission is ultimately secured the loser claims that her adversary was cheating and she furiously demands a rematch!

The challenge was accepted and we await with great anticipation to see these two foes lock up again in the very near future.