Lifting Mia Higher


Mia vs. DeDe

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Run Time: 43 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 147
Video Quality: Less than 480p


This video is not a wrestling tape but features a couple of strong females that have an interest in lifting. Dede is a tall tanned and very pretty athlete who discovered her love for the lift in an accident situation when she saved someone’s life. She explains what happens and then demonstrates her strength with a friend Mia with a series of lifts. Dede is also a model and helps Mia witha few poses.

The girls had lots of fun in making this tape and although Mia is smaller in height and weight she gives Dede an impressive display of her strength too. When Mia has the opportunity to lift Dede her confidence builds.

Dede is the main ‘lifter’ in this video and thinks of some very creative lifts. She demonstrates these lifts and carries with a number of repetitions that soon has her sweating and breathing hard. It’s obvious that she has a love for the outdoors and staying in shape.