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Adrianne Carmichael vs. Ronnie

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Fans have been clamoring for more of Adrianne Carmichael ever since the PGWA’s ‘Spring Fling 2000!’. If you saw the video…or even better if you were there…then you know that Adrianne was a spectator who came out of the crowd to challenge Delaney Lake to a match! The novice was impressive against the pro and arrangements were made to get Adrianne some training and put her on the mats as a Southern Belle!

This is Adrianne’s first amateur match and she’s going up against another newcomer the beautiful blonde Ronnie. In their opening interviews both women are clearly confident and proud and there’s no doubt that this is going to be a hard fought battle!

From the start there isn’t much grace in their maneuvers… they just unload on each other with any hold they can think of that will overpower and hurt the other! Both wrestlers come perilously close to suffering serious injuries as they are subjected to some harsh moves. They push themselves far past the point of exhaustion yet they refuse to surrender no matter how great the pain they are suffering!

Inevitably one of these two wildcats finally forces the other to submit the match…but the fight isn’t over yet. The sore loser cheap shots the winner and the battle is on again!

This is one of the wildest hardest fought matches in Belles history and you won’t want to miss it.