Winner Take All


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Rita

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Run Time: 43 mins
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Pippa L’Vinn might be one of the most successful women in Pro Wrestling today but her first love has always been Submission Grappling. Unfortunately with all of her ring commitments she hasn’t been able to pursue the amateur side of the sport as much as she would like which is why she jumped at the chance to pit her skills against Southern Belle Rita Martin in this submission-only match.

The video starts with an extended exercise sequence from Rita who shows the fans all that she does to keep in shape for her matches. Next comes an interview with the spunky youngster. Then we see Pippa who displays none of her well-known arrogance; she saves the attitude for pro work… here she’s focused simply on the competition to come.

This match is full of complex submission holds…joint locks nelsons and plenty of scissors! Both grapplers give it their all and their contest goes to five full falls before one beauty can no longer muster the strength to continue. Both women are pushed to the point of exhaustion in this one.

How much does Beth suffer in this battle? Well not only was her rivalry with LeAnne finally settled but it was also Beth’s final match for the Southern Belles.

Not many pro wrestlers can hold their own in amateur competition but then again Pippa L’Vinn isn’t your average pro wrestler! If you’re a fan of Pippa or Submission Wrestling then this is the video for you.