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LeAnne vs. Rita

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Run Time: 35 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 106
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Pride comes before a fall? LeAnne the Queen of the Belles isn’t too worried about her opponent for this match newcomer Rita especially when she sees that her challenger is 7 inches shorter and 15 pounds lighter than she is! Confident of a quick victory LeAnne doesn’t even bother to wear her usual ring togs opting instead for a simple bikini.

What comes next not only shocks LeAnne but the viewers as well. Feisty Rita literally womanhandles her larger opponent dominating much of the match with a series of takedowns limb locks and scissors! Whenever LeAnne tries to counter Rita cannily shifts tactics continually tormenting her foe with grinding headlocks grapevines bodyvices and even a chokehold! Increasingly frustrated LeAnne has to resort to grabbing the ropes in order to break various holds.

But LeAnne hasn’t risen to the top of the Southern Belles by being a pretty pushover. Her awesome endurance allows her to weather the assult even as Rita begins to grow exhausted. Then seizing upon the chance to retaliate the angry LeAnne traps her rival in a brutal chinlock clutch the kind that could break its victim’s neck if applied too long!

Does LeAnne force Rita to submit or does the diminutive dynamo withstand the agony and strike back? There’s only one way to find out and that is to add this fast-paced match to your collection.