Training Day


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Shelby Beach

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Run Time: 38 mins
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Former PGWA Champion Pippa L’Vinn shows up to work out on the mats by herself. A relaxing light workout with stretching is what she has in mind. But who is there before her… none other than archrival Shelby Beach! And what’s more it seems Shelby has it all planned out!

Taken totally unaware and not having psyched herself up in preparation for a match Pippa is reluctant. But Shelby attacks her and has her way with poor Pippa all over the mats! Pippa takes quite a beating from the larger and powerful Beach…

But before long Pippa shows just why she was a long-time PGWA Champion… shaking off her lethargy and surprise she begins to overpower Beach. And then gives her rival good training in how to be ruthless and sadistic!

With every move in the book and quite a few NOT in the book Pippa works Shelby over. Head smashes to the groin armbars torturous leg locks chokes smashes and for the finale… a vicious sleeper that sends Shelby off to dreamland!

Two strong and skilled women battle it out with no referee! You must see this video!