Tyler Challenges Pippa


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Tyler Dare

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Run Time: 26 mins
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Tyler has emerged as the rising star of the Southern Belles and now she faces her toughest challenge yet… Pippa L’Vinn! In addition to being a champion pro wrestler Pippa is also a longtime amateur grappler and she relishes any opportunity to hit the mats with a worthy opponent. Redheaded Tyler aims to prove to the Brit that she has what it takes to not only give the Englishwoman a good match but also to beat her!The key to success in amateur grappling isn’t just knowledge or experience…often it comes down to simple strength endurance and determination and both girls have that in spades! Stamina is pushed to the limit and then pushed beyond as these two struggle mightily to make the other submit.

Watch this tape and you’ll not only understand why Tyler has become so popular with the fans… you’ll find yourself being a fan as well and rooting for the beautiful redhead in this challenging match!