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LeAnne vs. Mia

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Run Time: 35 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 119
Video Quality: Less than 480p


There’s irony in the fact that these two girls are facing one another in the ring as they first met last year in an un- scheduled brawl in the ring at the PGWA’s February Fight Night.

Furthermore in addition to wrestling in the squared circle both Mia and LeAnne wear prostyle suits pads and boots and a referee is on hand to maintain order. But keeping the peace is an impossible job in this bout as both girls are longtime rivals with feelings for the other bordering on sheer hatred!

The ref continually warns both girls about rule breaking tactics. LeAnne doesn’t like Mia’s hairpulling and Mia complains that LeAnne is using her boxing skills to throw illegal punches. The struggle to draw a verbal submission from her rival drives each girl to more desperate tactics!

If you’re a pro fan who has never seen an amateur match then this is the tape for you.