Power Trip


Autumn vs. Rita

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Run Time: 38 mins
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The Belles are back in town! Amateur grappling steps back into the pro ring as the Southern Belles again hit the mat. Spunky Rita is a favorite of the fans and here she faces a new- comer beautiful blonde Autumn.

Both girls use their legs quite a bit in this one trying to squeeze the other into submission between powerful thighs. Despite her relative lack of experience Autumn proves she is a natural at wrestling giving Rita all that she can handle. But the brunette gives as good as she gets and the battle wears on between the two until one exhausted fighter simply can no longer continue tapping out when the pain simply overwhelms her.

If you’ve never seen a Belles match before you don’t know what you’re missing! These girls combine the skill of amateur wrestling with the fast paced excitement of the pro’s!