Fighting Mad


LeAnne vs. Nelia

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Run Time: 31 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 96.6
Video Quality: Less than 480p


Nelia has been setting the club on fire since her arrival and she finally demands a match with the Queen of the Belles! This one starts with the two girls tearing into each other from the opening moment and it only escalates from there!

The tape begins with both beauties going through their pre-match exercises…which turns into something of a competition in itself. Then as they prepare to wrestle they lock eyes in a simmering staredown. But that’s mere prelude to the slam-bang battle which erupts!

At one point LeAnne thinks she has victory at hand when she wraps her powerful legs around her opponent in a crushing bodyscissors. But then displaying amazing strength Nelia pries the long limbs open and launches a vicious counterattack! At times that attack resembles a streetfight more than amateur grappling as the brunette kicks at LeAnne pulls her hair drives elbow smashes into her back and even slams her face in the mat repeatedly!

The end comes only when one determined woman is driven very nearly to the edge of unconsciousness! When she gathers her senses she confesses ‘I’ve never had that done to me!’.

This is without a doubt one of the greatest battles in Belles history! Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of witnessing this epic brawl!