As The Crow Cries


Julie Squeeze vs. Lady Crow

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Run Time: 22 mins
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Julie Squeeze makes a return visit to SouthernBelles. Known for her deadly scisssors she is used to winning as few can stand the pressure she can exert. Facing her in the ring is a mysterious newcomer Lady Crow.

Julie was supposed to be wrestling another woman who sustained a last minute injury so Lady Crow was a last minute replacement. So last minute that Julie didn’t even know her name at the start of the match! The referee also seems to have gone missing as Julie thought it was a pins match but finds out it’s submission only.

Just what the newcomer would bring to the ring soon becomes apparent… aggressiveness and an easy familiarity with bending the rules.

The usually confident Ms Squeeze is at a disadvatage from the start… mystery opponent match format changed without her knowledge and a craftier that expected opponent. Can she get her condfidence and skills back on track to take the win? You’ll have to watch and see.