Competitive Spirit


Lisa Fury vs. Viper Max

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Run Time: 18 mins
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Australian blonde Viper Max is excited to make her Southern Belles debut and is undaunted by the prospect of facing the veteran Lisa King.

Legs are the part of the anatomy which factor into both the offense and defense in this contest as both grapplers use their long limbs to punish one another. It’s scissors and leg holds galore in this one as four of the shapeliest stems in the British Commonwealth do battle!

Through multiple falls the two blondes battle on and tempers flare as exhaustion looms and their bodies ache. Neither is willing to submit the entire match and this one goes to the time limit as both Viper and Lisa pull out all of the stops to score pinfalls over one another.

Viper Max makes a magnificent new addition to the Belles ranks and you will not want to miss this great debut!