D-Day in Manchester


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Dia Zerva

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Run Time: 21 mins
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Belles action spans the sea as American grappler Dia invades the British Isles in search of England’s toughest challenge!

They start off with a handshake but within instants the fight is on with both women giving their all from the very outset. After some lightning-quick back and forth struggling Pippa manages to wrap her steely legs around the blonde’s waist saying “I’m gonna squeeze ya!” Dia gasps and groans from the crushing vise… but then she deftly manages to flip over and break the hold and a heartbeat later it’s L’Vinn who’s in trouble as Zerva sits atop her back and pulls her foot with one hand while the other yanks back the brunette’s chin!

They battle on the tide turning to and fro between them each digging deeper into her bag of tricks; one beauty liberally stretches the definition of “amateur grappling” by planting her boot to her adversary’s throat choking her!

And the match rages on… over-the-knee backbreakers tests of strength grapevines headlocks armlocks and much much more are employed in this multi-fall contest between two astounding competitors.

This is an incredible amateur match that you simply will NOT forgive yourself for missing!