Deadly Dames


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Venom

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Run Time: 20 mins
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Ever since Venom made her Southern Belles debut fans have been asking when she would finally get to face Pippa L’Vinn. Well fans the wait is over!

Pippa clearly has a great deal of respect for her opponent and that respect proves justified as in the opening moments of this multi-fall contest Venom forces the veteran to her back with a test of strength!

Venom has already proven herself to be a great student of grappling and she clearly has studied L’Vinn well as she vexes the brunette by countering so many of Pippa’s signature moves. The mat legend really has to dig deep in her arsenal to keep her blonde rival guessing.

This becomes a veritable seminar on world class amateur wrestling as two of its finest practitioners give their all driving themselves to the edge of exhaustion until one grappler is finally made to submit the match.

It ends with a handshake as their respect for one another soars to new heights.