Grappling Maidens


April vs. Josianne

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Run Time: 17 mins
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They may have proven themselves to be a highly effective tag team duo ( download #234) but Josianne and April are far too competitive… and jealous… to let the opportunity pass to determine just who is ‘top dog’ in their partnership. Thus they agree to test their grappling mettle on the mats of the Southern Belles.

As Belles fans know both British April and French Canadian Josianne are two of the most stilled amateur wrestlers on either side of the Atlantic and both women bring their full powers to bear against the other in this one!

Josianne tortures April with various leg scissors but the English lass turns the tide around soon enough with some pain-inducing vises of her own. And both battlers test one another in a howling contest of dual leg holds each of them tormenting the limb of the other desperate to make her opponent’s will crumble.

The loser of the first fall is left limping in pain but she gets her revenge in round two forcing her trapped opponent to frantically tap out against a punishing bodyscissors/chokehold combo. And so it goes minute by minute fall after fall until at last one vixen snares her adversary in a vicious stranglehold; the victim valiantly struggles her hand wavering in the air as she contemplates a final submission her tormentor urging her to “Do it… do it!” And suddenly as quickly as it had first erupted the battle is over.

Once again the Southern Belles has searched the globe to bring you only the finest in amateur wrestling!