Hardbodies Hell


Tomiko vs. Ashley Wildcat

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Run Time: 16 mins
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What could be more heavenly than a competitive amateur wrestling match between two of the best such grapplers in the nation?
But heaven turns to hell as the rules are thrown away and these two tear into each other with savage ferocity!

We should have realized even before the match began that something unusual was happening. As Ashley and Tomiko went through their pre-match warmups they kept silently glaring daggers at one another across the ring. Although they didn’t know one another before now it seems there was an instant dislike between them. Had we known what that animosity would result in we might very well have cancelled the bout before it even began! The opening minutes saw the two disregarding their own battle strategies skipping the long minutes of wearing down their opponent and jumping straight into submission finishers each trying to make the other submit in record time. However both battlers are frustrated as their rival manages to deftly escape the holds.

Their anger explodes when Ashley breaks free of a Camel Clutch by biting Tomiko’s fingers and from then on their technical wrestling is intertwined with veritable street brawling replete with punches hairpulling choking and stomping! Of course there’s still some mightily impressive grappling especially when both beauties use their sculpted legs as weapons squeezing one another with body and head scissors.

As Tomiko and Ashley teeter on the edge of exhaustion one battler manages to snare her opponent in a bodyscissors/chokehold combo ultimately driving the victim to tap out… but her tormentor refuses to release her and instead keeps the cruel hold locked on until her rival passes out.

The triumphant woman then struggles up to her feet and strikes a victory pose. Rather than declare herself the winner she instead sneers at her unconscious opponent and says “You’re the loser!”