I Want My Revenge!


Pippa L’Vinn vs. M.D. Storm

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Run Time: 17 mins
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It’s bad enough to lose a match. Worse still is to be KO’d. But can anything equal the humiliation of regaining consciousness only to find that your opponent has tied you up and you’re helpless to escape?

Only one woman in this world has subjected Pippa L’Vinn to this humbling indignity and at long last Pippa has a chance for revenge pledging to “break her in two!”.

Of course Storm (also known as Axa) thoroughly enjoyed humiliating L’Vinn last time and she’s anxious to repeat it now.

Both battlers unleash everything they have on one another subjecting their rival to the most painful holds they can conceive. Pride is on the line for both of them and neither Pippa nor Storm hold anything back. Finally one exhausted warrior snares her equally wearied opponent in a spine-mauling Boston Crab that draws a final submission from the agonized victim.