Introducing Sasha


Tyler Dare vs. Sasha

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Run Time: 19 mins
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This match introduces Sasha to the Southern Belles and the tough and tanned Floridian starts off at the very top facing none other than Tyler… and in the pre-match interview watching the redhead flex it’s very clear that she’s in the best shape of her life!

And that physical conditioning is quite possibly all that saves the veteran in the early minutes of this bout as her blonde adversary comes on like gangbusters putting Tyler in serious trouble!

This goes to a full three submission falls as first one battler makes her opponent quit and then the favor is returned until finally as both near total exhaustion one locks on a potentially crippling hold.

When it’s all over the winner sneers “I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” and her defeated opponent glares back and grumbles “I’m ready for another fall right now!” But that’s a fight for another day.

And until that day comes you won’t want to let this titanic struggle pass you by!