Introducing the Blackbirds


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Sasha

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Run Time: 22 mins
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Before they ever set foot in a ring together to battle another team the Blackbirds were already the most anticipated duo in all of amateur wrestling! The pairing of ring legend Pippa with meteoric newcomer Raven promises to radically alter the landscape in the Southern Belles Wrestling Club.

That is if Sable and Antscha will let them!

Anxious to prove that the Blackbirds are nothing more than hype their opponents definitely bring their ‘A’ games. Pippa starts off for her team and while she has the upper hand quite a few times she also suffers tremendously at the hands of her adversaries. Antscha can’t help but taunt Raven at ringside telling her she’s been useless in this match. Through it all however the newcomer simply smiles.

And when she finally gets her turn in the ring the ebony-tressed hellion proves she’s more than a worthy partner for the great L’Vinn! Although still a newcomer and rough around some edges Raven displays tremendous skill and ingenuity.

Of course that just makes Sable and Antscha fight that much harder as they’re determined to put an end to the Blackbirds before they can barely leave the nest!

Fantastic amateur grappling tag action in this one and you will NOT want to miss the launch of the Blackbirds… but will their first match also be their last? Watch this and see for yourself!