Italy vs Sweden


Jenny Sjodin vs. Kim

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Run Time: 27 mins
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Jenny from Hudiksvall Sweden meets Turin Italy’s Kim on the Southern Belles mat and it proves to be an amazing contest between two highly skilled fighters! Both Kim and Jenny are experienced at amateur wrestling submission grappling and mixed martial arts and rarely have either of them faced an opponent who so clearly matches her in ability.

They battle in two ten minute rounds with the most submissions determining who wins…and from start to finish both women pull out all of the stops to wring as many submissions out of her opponent as possible.

You’ll be amazed at what these incredible women make their bodies do…and what they do to each others’ bodies! By the end of this grueling struggle they’re sweat-soaked red-faced and pushing the limits of exhaustion but still they battle on until the curtain drops on the final round.

The Southern Belles have once again searched the world to find the very best in amateur wrestling and brought them together just for YOU!