Julia Gets Tough


Tyler Dare vs. Julie Squeeze

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Run Time: 33 mins
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Being the best in the games means you live with a proverbial bullseye painted on your back. No one knows this better than Tyler the reigning uncrowned “Queen” of the Southern Belles for one fierce challenger after another has come gunning for her.

And now a devastatingly destructive new opponent has stepped onto the mats…Julia!

The blonde and the redhead get down to business quickly and this rapidly becomes a primer on what amateur mat grappling should be all about! For all of her skill and experience Tyler finds herself sorely tested by her adversary and as the contest wears on one can’t help but wonder if this is the day that the raging redhead meets her Waterloo.

Here’s more of the great amateur action you’ve come to expect from the Belles and the debut of a tremendous new mat talent!