Learning The Hard Way


Josianne vs. Aiden

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Run Time: 22 mins
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This is a special challenge match featuring two of our ‘Northern Lights’ Belles as Toronto’s Aiden has requested a match with Josianne of Montreal. As the two wrestlers step onto the mat Josianne is the picture of absolute confidence… perhaps even bordering on cockiness. She introduces her opponent with an impertinent “This is Aiden… she thinks she can beat me.” For her part brunette Aiden remains silent her face a mask of stoic determination.

Josianne declares that Aiden is just going to have to learn the hard way the folly of challenging the grappling veteran. And she’s right there was some serious learning done on the mat… except that Josianne learned very quickly that her adversary is a mightily skilled grappler herself!

The tide of battle rolls back and forth between the two in this intense multi-fall struggle. Finally one exhausted beauty can take the punishment no longer frantically tapping out to a spine-mangling clutch hold. As the beaten woman writhes in pain on the mat her smiling rival triumphantly struts around out. Through gritted teeth the loser demands a rematch… “Anytime anywhere!” is the answer as the winner swaggers away and says with a taunting laugh “Give me a call.”

There are lessons aplenty to be learned in this tremendous match but YOU will be the one who comes away the wisest if you add it to your collection today!