New York City Tap Out


Veve Lane vs. Alexis

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Run Time: 20 mins
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New Southern Belles phenom VeVe welcomes Alexis to the Belles in a rousing 2 out of 3 falls submission only match!

Both women stand 5’4″ but bodybuilder Alexis has a 10 pound advantage over her blonde opponent and she puts her raw power to excellent use!

Lane starts out aggressively putting her adversary on the defensive. But soon the brunette is dishing it out. Both combatants rightfully proud of the power of their legs try to crush the other with scissor holds; VeVe thinks she has Alexis trapped in hers but the powerhouse stuns the blonde by muscling her way out! The pair then snare one another in a duel of scissors.

Ultimately Lane manages to win the first fall by forcing the brunette to tap out in a crippling armbar. But Round Two goes to Alexis who manages to get the tap with a devastating body scissors.

With everything on the line in the third and final round both battlers pull out all of the stops! And after an exhausting back-and-forth struggle one beauty seems to force her rival to tap out; believing she has won the seemingly triumphant wrestler releases her scissors…but then her adversary says that wasn’t a tap at all and the fight suddenly erupts again this time with both of them angrily tearing into each other!

Who wins this furious battle? Well you the viewer will certainly be a winner by having this in your collection!