Not a Sore Loser


Onyx vs. Julie Squeeze

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Run Time: 23 mins
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Yet another new beauty joins the ranks of the Southern Belles with this one as brunette Onyx faces the challenge of newcomer blonde Julie in a best 2 out of 3 falls match.

From the very start Onyx’s cocky attitude makes it plain she doesn’t expect Julie to be a serious threat… and at first it seems as if the brunette may not be wrong as she quickly forces her opponent to the mat with a hammerlock then starts drilling her abdomen with elbow drops. And even as Julie manages to suddenly take charge and wrap her fabled legs around Onyx’s waist the brunette is able to swiftly escape and continue with her assault. Indeed it looks as if the first fall is going to come mighty quickly!

However Julie is able to start mounting some offense of her own and while the tide of battle swings back and forth between the two beauties in the span of mere seconds Onyx is clearly no longer in total command of the fight.

The two wrestlers make a special point of punishing bellies with punches and shoulder smashes driving the air from their bodies and weakening each woman. After several pinfall attempts by each of them one woman scores the 1-2-3 with a crucifix scissors.

A test of strength into a dragon sleeper launches Round Two as the loser of the first fall is bound and determined to not only win this one and keep her hopes of victory alive but to punish her adversary as painfully as possible in the process! The score is finally evened up courtesy of a crushing head scissors.

For the final round one of the wrestlers doesn’t even wait for the signal to begin before going on the attack and the two women are instantly trading blows and holds including punishing dual ankle locks!

The contest rages on until one of the wrestlers is able to put her opponent down for three seconds. But were her shoulders truly to the mat? We’ll leave that up to the viewers to decide… but the loser most definitely didn’t believe she was legally pinned. In fact she’s so incensed over being “cheated” she attacks the winner and the fight continues until one beautiful warrior is finally able to plunge her rival into semi-consciousness with a figure four headscissors and she then proceeds to “win” the match with a proper pin!

Two very talented ladies get to display their genuine athletic prowess in this one and you will witness the amazing results when you add it to your collection!