Playtime for Ashley Wildcat


Ashley Wildcat vs. Chloe Cummings

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Run Time: 13 mins
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Ashley and Chloe make their Southern Belles returns as they face off against each other. Chloe is quickly infuriated by her opponent who doesn’t seem to be taking her seriously. And despite the size advantage she gives up to her taller adversary “Batgirl” Ashley doesn’t see Chloe as much of a a threat at all.

And the smaller blonde’s opinion seem justified in the opening minutes as she takes quick command of the fight. Chloe may be stronger but Ashley’s fleetness and agility coupled with her grappling skills more than levels the playing field.

As the battle wears on Chloe finally gets to do some damage showing Ashley just why the bigger girl is said to have one of the most devastating scissors in all of wrestling as her thighs squeeze and crush her adversary.

Tempers flare and both women resort to low blows to try and overcome the other tilting this contest from an amateur wrestling match into something much more akin to a back alley brawl!