Prime Time Perfection


Tomiko vs. Hazel

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Run Time: 15 mins
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We dare you to find two other such phenomenal physical specimens in all of amateur wrestling! Hazel and Tomiko each make their returns to the Southern Belles mat in a titanic contest!

This is a struggle between two competitors who are each determined to use her body to overcome that of the other. Grueling anguish is suffered by both beauties courtesy of scissor holds backbreakers camel clutches bow & arrow holds and more!

Eventually Tomiko’s greater experience proves crucial to her gaining control of the match and for long minutes she tortures her opponent with a variety of holds. Just to be mean Tomiko also slips in illegal punches to the belly and kidneys whenever she can!

Finally one battler snares her rival in a bodyscissor/rear naked choke combo and doesn’t release her until the poor girl is rendered unconscious! The winner then triumphantly strikes a pose of victory over her beaten opponent.

Tremendous Southern Belles wrestling action just as you like it!