Rolling Thunder


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Thunder

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Run Time: 17 mins
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This was supposed to be another of Pippa’s workout videos but just as she begins stretching a voice bellows in the hallway: “Where is she?” The door opens and in walks a veritable Amazon Thunder. The blonde who towers over L’Vinn says she’s come to demand a match there and then claiming “I’m bigger I’m stronger and I’m better than you!”

Pippa is intimidated initially by this intruder but as she’s never been one to turn down a challenge she agrees to a match.

But within moments of the start of the bout that seems to have been a terrible error on the brunette’s part as she swiftly succumbs to a test of strength and finds herself pinned and suffered in an agonizing grapevine with Thunder menacingly threatening “I intend to split you in two!” Pippa repeatedly gasps “I won’t submit” but is that meant for Thunder’s ears…or for her own?

Finally able to draw upon her vast experience Pippa is able to escape the hold and thus begins a brutal contest between the two replete with plenty of head and body scissors. Having suffered more than a few times between her opponent’s thighs L’Vinn starts to target the blonde’s powerful legs intent on rendering them useless.

On and on the struggle goes each wrestler nearing the point of exhaustion but neither willing to surrender no matter how great their suffering. But finally one grappler can take the pain no longer and she swallows her pride and taps out!

Tremendous amateur style mat wrestling between two amazing combatants in this one!