Rough & Rowdy


Tomiko vs. Jezabel

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Run Time: 12 mins
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Two of the most talented and experienced amateur grapplers in the sport face off in this Southern Belles bout! Veterans Tomiko and Jezabel both have a long history of battles between them and each intends to do her utmost the defeat the other here.

This is a tremendous contest between the pair replete with body and head scissors chokeholds ankle and leg locks dragon sleepers and more. And wicked Jezabel isn’t above throwing some highly illegal belly stomps and even a low blow headbutt into the mix to try and overwhelm her rival!

One battler finally finishes off the other with a modified Mexican Surfboard/choke combo… but while this battle is drawn to a close we can’t help but suspect the war between these two will go on!

This is a tremendous match between two ladies who prove they have all that it takes to be serious wrestlers!