Seeking A Smashing Victory!


Wanda vs. Judy

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Run Time: 17 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 160
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A óriási gyozelem … smashing victory … that’s what these warriors from Hungary seek.

From its inception, the Southern Belles Club has inspired international acclaim (longtime fans will remember the two Australian ladies who videoed their amateur fight and sent it to the Belles for release). But now the Belles for the first time reach into Eastern Europe, considered by many the hotbed of women’s amateur grappling!

To launch the Euro-Belles, we offer a powerful struggle between two skilled grapplers, Judi and Wanda, each anxious to impress their new worldwide audience. These aren’t two giggling novices…each woman is an experienced fighter, and neither is ready to give anything less than 100% for victory! If you’re a classic European amateur mat wrestling fan, we think you’ll enjoy this one!