Sham Rocked


Lexi Max vs. Lisa Fury

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Run Time: 19 mins
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The Irish invasion of British wrestling continues (see SB #158 and #170) as brunette Lexi ventures down from the Emerald Isle to take on one of the U.K.’s best blonde Lisa King.

Prior to the bout both battling beauties indulge in some posing for the fans. But the fun
and games come to an abrupt end when the match begins. And right from the very start the
intensity of this one is sky high!

To her painful regret Lisa discovers that her opponent has an unbelievably powerful pair of legs and Lexi isn’t shy about clamping them around the Englishwoman’s waist head arm or any other body part she can inflict punishment to. Of course Lisa has a devastating set of stems herself and she gives as good as she gets. At one point there is the astounding tableau of both wrestlers snaring one another in headscissors and rolling back and forth across the mat each determined to out-squeeze the other!

After an exhausting and evenly-fought contest one woman gains the upper hand and proceeds to punish her adversary with a wide array of submission holds until finally the victim can take it no longer.

You won’t want to miss the amazing Lexi’s Southern Belles debut