Sinn-ful Belles


Sinn vs. Kymberly

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Run Time: 18 mins
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“‘Cause I’m so good at fighting and I look so good while I do it!” … So declares Kymberly prior to her match with Sinn.

You may have seen these two beauties wrestle elsewhere in the past but they’ve never been called upon to really show what they can do… until now that is! The Southern Belles have brought them together in the ring and given them the chance to prove they do know how to fight in a multi-fall contest.

In the opening struggle, Kymberly ensnares Sinn in a scissors/reverse headlock combo and taunts her with “Precarious predicament you’re in.” But within moments Sinn can escape with a deft move of her own and with a merciless MMA-style chokehold she’s able to draw the first submission.

In the second fall, Sinn comes on strong punishing Kymberly with anaconda-like scissors forcing her fellow brunette to nearly exhaust herself with escape attempts. And while Kym does get some offense in she ultimately falls prey to a pin and has no choice but to tap out.

But while being down two-to-one would demoralize most it just fires up Kymberly and she comes roaring into the third fall determined to take control of the match. And she does just that… at first. But eventually, Sinn is able to methodically escape and she turns the tables to take yet another fall.

The fourth fall gives Sinn yet another submission but this time Kym really makes her work for it and there are indications that the tide of the match may at last be turning. However, just before the fifth and final fall, it is announced that there is only one minute left in the match. If Kymberly is going to salvage her pride and score at least the token victory of a single fall she has to act fast and fight tougher than she ever has before.

Does she? Or does she go scoreless against her opponent? That much we won’t tell… but we will reveal that the match winner does strike a tantalizing victory pose at the end of the contest!

This one answers the question as to whether beautiful women such as these can really fight. The answer is… YES! And you will not want to miss witnessing it! NOTE: Due to some brief and inadvertent partial exposure of a breast as well as due to some mature language this match may not be suitable for younger or more impressionable audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.