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Prinzess vs. Lucky O’Shea

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Run Time: 18 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 216
Video Quality: 480p


The spoiled trust fund blonde Prinzess faces off against the Irish firebrand Lucky! These two have at odds for a while and things hit the boiling point in this one!

It starts out as an amateur grappling match but very quickly things escalate as they start using painful pro moves on each other and then toss the rulebook out altogether!

Lots of agonizing back-and-forth between the two lithe combatants as they trade holds and taunts. Screams and tears are drawn forth as the punishment is brutally laid out.

In the end one arrogant beauty is driven to defeat. But she isn’t allowed to submit…oh no her rival maliciously demands that she humble herself and tap out!
Don’t let this thrilling conflagration between two incendiary warriors pass you by!