Southern Destruction


Laken vs. Shelby Beach

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Run Time: 17 mins
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The focus of this match is on the Southern end of the body. That’s right it’s all about…LEGS LEGS LEGS!

As Laken and Shelby both possess two of the most powerful sets of sculpted gams in the Southern Belles this has the makings of a scissors contest to end all scissors contests! And indeed the two beauties brutally punish one another with their stems their thighs mercilessly crushing waists and heads time and again. And when one isn’t suffering in a scissorhold she’s on the offensive attacking her opponent’s own legs trying to weaken her rival’s best weapon!

This is a multi-fall match and one fall in particular is worth mentioning because we doubt anyone has ever seen its like before: Shelby squeezes Laken in a headscissors while with her hands she takes hold of her adversary’s legs and showing astonishing raw strength power lifts Laken’s whole body up into the air above her denying her the slightest bit of leverage from which to escape. Needless to say the embattled grappler quickly submits the fall!

These two battle on until the finish both dishing out the crushing pain and also suffering the agonizing pressure. This is one you won’t want to miss!