The Vulnerability of Pippa


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Raven

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Nearly a decade ago Raven had already been wrestling for a few years when she arrived at the Wrestling Factory. It was then that Raven and Pippa L’Vinn established an amateur tag team called the Blackbirds. Pippa saw real talent in Raven and the two began training very hard and it went well as Raven proved to be an apt pupil.

Pippa recognized that this girl not only had tremendous natural ability but she also had a competitive streak that bordered on cruelty… much like Pippa herself. And so the veteran took the rookie under her wing mentoring her. As the Blackbirds they were the dominant tag team in European amateur grappling.

They were seemingly unstoppable.

Inevitably all young birds must fly away from their nests. Raven grew frustrated with being in Pippa’s shadow and after the two had a falling out Raven struck out on her own.

Now however Raven is back and she has challenged her former mentor to a match. L’Vinn who has never backed down from a challenge accepted… but doubtless with some trepidation. After all for the first time she is facing an opponent who knows every strength and weakness of Pippa every hold she’s mastered every trick she uses.

It’s as if the veteran is facing a younger and even more ruthless version of herself!

What erupts between them is a spectacular contest between two magnificent warriors. Neither holds anything back in this multi-fall battle. But eventually one woman comes to dominate the other and takes sinister delight in not only pinning her rival again and again but taunting her.

But is it the wily L’Vinn who gains control or the determined Raven?

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