Those Southern Belles


Tomiko vs. Pandora

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Two exciting grapplers Tomiko and Pandora make their returns to the Southern Belles!

In her pre-match remarks Pandora is contemptuous of her opponent and promises
to make short work of her. Bemused Tomiko prefers to let her actions be her
response… and she responds FEROCIOUSLY!

From start to finish Asian beauty Tomiko dominates virtually all of the action! In
those few moments where Pandora is able to go on the offensive her adversary is able
to easily counter her and regain control of the bout.

Of course don’t get the false impression that Pandora isn’t a capable wrestler. She
clearly was overwhelmed right from the first by Tomiko who is widely hailed as one
of the best amateur grapplers today. Under other circumstances it might well be
Pandora who dominates the match.

Consider this then a tutorial by Professor Tomiko in the art of wrestling and
you’ll be glad you took this course!!