Tina’s Tryout


Tyler Dare vs. Tina Fierce

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Run Time: 20 mins
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This tape was never intended to be publicly released…but after seeing the action here there’s no way we couldn’t make it available to the fans!
The idea was to tape a training session between Tyler and a new girl named Tina who was interested in trying out for the Southern Belles but who had never had any amateur grappling experience. Looking to be helpful Tyler invited Tina over to her home and arranged for their sparring session to be videoed so that they could study it afterward and determine the things which Tina needed to work on.

But very quickly as the match unfolds two things become clear: First while Tina may lack formal training she’s a born scrapper at heart. And secondly “training bout” aside the brunette didn’t show up to be schooled… she came to win!
To her surprise Tyler finds herself with a real fight on her hands…and an opponent who for all of her rough edges is a formidable battler to contend with. Ultimately the redhead’s experience allows her to force the tyro to submit. But Tyler’s interest is piqued by this impressive youngster and she suggests they continue which Tina readily agrees to.

What follows is a multi-fall struggle which sees both women claiming submissions over the other. Tyler really puts her lethal legs to work but Tina manages to twist her lithe opponent’s body into painful shapes more than a few times.
In the end there is respect and friendship born from the heat of battle between Tyler and Tina. But despite their newfound camaraderie both know that it will only be a matter of time before they meet again on the mats…and what will happen then no one can yet predict.

Tyler once more proves why she’s the most exciting talent in the Southern Belles Wrestling Club in years and Tina demonstrates that she will one day soon be a force to reckon with. You won’t want to miss this one!