To Clip The Raven’s Wings


Raven vs. Orsi B.

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Run Time: 14 mins
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Since her SouthernBelles debut several years ago Raven has had a hard time shedding her image as little more than Pippa L’Vinn’s protege despite a number of impressive victories she’s managed to earn all on her own. But now she’s bound and determined to establish herself as a force all her own.

Enter Orsi B who has been steadily rising up the ranks in the Belles and the last thing she wants is more competition. She wagers that if she can decisively beat Raven now it’ll remove an obstacle later when the Budapest Bombshell makes her bid to reign over the European chapter of the Southern Belles.

And thus the stage is set for a battle between a fiery determination to emerge from the shadows and an equally steely intent of keeping her there. The result is as physical a contest as we’ve seen in a while fueled not only by ambition but by the very real fact that these two ladies absolutely detest one another personally.

Not surprisingly things get rough in this match as the action swings back and forth between the two. At one point Raven tightens her hands around Orsi’s throat to strangle her; but not long after that Orsi presses a foot against the Brit’s windpipe to choke her right back!

As the two grapplers near the point of utter exhaustion one manages to snare the other in a Crossface Headscissors and the victim realizing she’s moments away from being knocked out submits. Of course the winner can’t resist gleefully mocking and taunting the loser and them humbling her one final time by planting a foot on her and striking a victory pose! Good sportswomanship was definitely NOT on display in this one.