To The Breaking Point!


Lisa Fury vs. Orsi B.

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Orsi B. returns to the UK and the Euro Belles mat and when Lisa King learned this she demanded a match. And from the moment they lock eyes it becomes crystal clear that these two ladies do not like each other not one bit!

It’s almost a chemical reaction between them and it swiftly leads to flaring tempers. Both Lisa and Orsi are two of the most skilled amateur grapplers in all of Europe but in this one the technical wrestling is often shoved rudely aside for back street brawling as the two beauties punish one another with hairpulling strangling and in one vicious instance a brutal low blow headbutt!

Both wrestlers are put through the wringer in this one as evidenced by their almost ceaseless cries sobs and howls of agony. It’s astonishing that either of them could withstand such torture for as long as they did. Ultimately one exhausted battler is made to tap out from a wicked combination of a Half-Boston Crab and an inner-thigh clawhold!

If you like your Belles matches on the wild side then this is the one for you!