Twisted & Tangled


Megan Jones vs. Terra Mizu

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Poor Megan Jones just can’t seem to help herself. Although the beauty (now sporting blue hair!) has proven that she’s a highly accomplished amateur grappler she just can’t seem to resist turning this match into a brawl!

She pummels and punishes her poor opponent with punches slams and even viciously rakes her eyes across the ring rope to blind her!

And although Terra Mizu is quite the skilled grappler herself she does not have the roughhouse experience of the azure-accented Amazon and she suffers greatly for it.

But in those moments when Terra is in command of the match there’s every reason to believe that if it were a straight-ahead amateur bout the brunette might well emerge victorious… which is no doubt why Jones made certain this was NOT a straight bout!

Fans of battlers who unleash all that they have will enjoy this exhibition of destruction that leaves one woman… guess who…

… splayed unconscious on the canvas when it’s all over!