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Onyx vs. Duncan Fox

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Run Time: 22 mins
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Onyx is a well-known thrill-seeker who is always searching for new ways to test herself. For years she had been challenging male wrestler Duncan Fox who has perhaps beaten more female pro wrestlers than any other man in the sport today and at long last he has agreed to face the redhead in the ring.

Of course the lovely Onyx is fully confident she will win but Duncan takes advantage of her over-confidence by striking first with a vicious eye rake blinding his unprepared opponent and setting her up for a brutal battering!

But Onyx has the strength and fortitude to endure his attack and soon enough she’s got him reeling from her own unrelenting assault. And so the brawl goes neither he nor she holding back anything. Onyx’s fans will be shocked by the amount of punishment she suffers in this one!

Ultimately it ends with one warrior rendering the other unconscious. But who wins this battle of the sexes? Add this to your collection to find out!