You Won’t Escape, Ivy!


Scorpion vs. Ivy

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Run Time: 16 mins
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It’s the return of Scorpion! And she faces the tough and arrogant Ivy. Indeed Ivy is so overconfident she contemptuously accepts a challenge for a fingerlock test of strength to start off the contest but within seconds learns the error of her ways as Scorpion painfully overpowers her.

However once Ivy gathers her wits she draws upon her own tremendous strength and suddenly it’s the veteran Scorpion who’s in danger of being driven to her knees!

But Scorpion knows that power alone doesn’t win matches… you also need experience as well as knowledge of leverage. And so the vet quickly has the newcomer reeling in hold after hold. And of course Scorpion isn’t above bending the rules to suit her such as how she makes repeated good use of Ivy’s French braid to keep control of her opponent.

But this is still a competitive match as Ivy makes excellent use of her vise-like body and head scissors to punish her adversary.

This one finally comes to a hard-won finish as one grappler is made to submit and the other beams with pride as she strikes her victory pose!