A Belle Hath No Fury…


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Lisa Fury

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Run Time: 22 mins
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This video begins immediately after the events in “Blackbirds Tag Team Showdown” (SB #104) with Pippa and Lisa exchanging sharp words which quickly escalates into a challenge.

Not long after the two combatants meet for a mat-based submission only match. Raven is also there to cheer on her partner while Inferno (despite the falling out she had with Lisa in the tag match) also comes to support her erstwhile partner.

It’s impossible to overstate the animosity which Lisa and Pippa feel for one another. In addition to being two of the competitive women in amateur wrestling today they just plain don’t like each other! Forcing the other to submit would be a sweet victory indeed.

What ensues is a masterful exhibition of submission grappling at its finest as each woman employs her vast knowledge of wrestling to the utmost. Legs serve as both weapons and targets and arms are yanked and twisted until they threaten to be pulled from their sockets! Lesser women would have surrendered early on in the face of such an onslaught but the pride of both L’Vinn and Fury drives them on and refuses to let either so much as consider giving up to the other!

Ultimately however after a lengthy back-and-forth contest one beauty is driven past her limits of endurance and after much resistance she tearfully taps out. The winner and her partner then take great satisfaction in taunting their beaten rivals and to lay out a challenge for any other amateur tag team to face them if they dare!

This is an incredible culmination of the series which began with the Pippa/Raven training videos and if you miss this one you might never forgive yourself!