Against the Odds


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Lina

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Run Time: 24 mins
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It’s a Brit Belles rematch as Pippa once again takes on Lina. After their first contest a few weeks previously the loser demanded a rematch so the two beauties meet again… and this time the kid gloves are off! Prior to the bout Lina discusses how she’s been working on some new holds and in particular she’s very eager to get her leg scissors on Pippa. And after a very aggressive start from the blonde L’Vinn does indeed find those legs clamped around her head and the brunette is quickly whimpering in pain!

And the woes don’t end there for Pippa as the blonde not only starts racking up consecutive tap outs but she displays a genuine vicious side taking wicked delight in hurting L’Vinn with hold after hold… and even humiliating the brunette by rubbing her face into the mat while taunting her with “Think you can get out of it do you? Really?”! If you’ve followed Pippa’s career you know that her being dominated in a match be in amateur or pro SIMPLY DOESN’T HAPPEN. And yet here it does indeed happen!

As the minutes drag on for Pippa it must feel like hours as Lina punishes her again and again with scissors armlocks and more drawing multiple submissions from the brunette. Ultimately L’Vinn can withstand no more and she surrenders the entire match. And then just to add insult to injury the triumphant Lina plants a foot upon her beaten rival and strikes a victory pose!

This is the match we NEVER thought we’d see…

Pippa L’Vinn utterly destroyed by her opponent! And we know that you won’t want to miss seeing it either!