Anything but Easy


Lottie vs. Pippa L’Vinn

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Run Time: 17 mins
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When you’re one of the very best you’re going to attract challengers of superior caliber as well. Such as the case here as the veteran Pippa faces one of the most exciting new wrestling talents in the UK today Lottie. And the blonde fully intends to be the woman who knocks Pippa from her mountaintop!

Of course L’Vinn is fully aware of how skillful her opponent is and she’s swiftly reminded of that as the match commences and Lottie subjects the brunette to some agonizing holds.

Maybe it’s Lottie’s arrogant smile but something fires up Pippa as rarely before and after some tough back and forth between the two the veteran takes command of the match and then proceeds to take a great deal of joy out of inflicting a great deal of pain on her smug adversary.

The contest finally ends when one beautiful battler snares her rival in a near-crippling hold forcing her victim to tearfully submit.

Who emerges victorious?

Watch this amazing match to find out!