Bad Girlz Rising


Pippa L’Vinn & Lisa Fury vs. Scorpion & Axa

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Run Time: 21 mins
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To call this a “match” is stretching the definition considerably. And to label this as amateur wrestling almost seems preposterous. So just what is it?

What it is officially is the Southern Belles debut of two new amateur tag teams. But in fact it is nothing less than a two-on-two BRAWL!

We’re only moments into the match when Pippa L’Vinn resorts to some highly illegal eye scratching and that opens the floodgates! Very quickly all semblance of order is lost as all four women are battling in the ring each team subjecting the other to a dizzying blend of technical grappling moves and back alley street fighting! This is pure destructive chaos as each duo attempts to not simply drive their rivals into submission but to subject them to as much punishment as possible in the effort. Believe us there are no angels in this match as all four ladies resort to some very un-ladyslike tactics!

The end is entirely up in the air until it finally and suddenly comes and one team is left devastated while their opponents bask in their brutally earned triumph!

If you’ve ever wondered how vicious four beautiful women could be in the ring (or out of it as the action spills through the ropes) then this one answers that question in spades!